Our Merit



  • Unique and creative solutions that meet our clients’ expectations, not just through our products but with our communication and after sales service.


  • Continuously improving our ranges, knowledge and staying abreast of new technology entering the


  • Treating each client as an individual experience from start to finish. We realize that no two clients are ever the same and we start every new project knowing


  • We have compact and highly experienced installation team who have been installing for a long time. We’re like a family, and like to treat our clients the same. With Reuben


  • leading the communication and initial consultation, and a team of friendly, installers to install your curtains and blinds, we guarantee an easy experience which is unrivaled in SA.


  • On the rare occasion that there is a problem with the production or installation of our blinds, we deal with these issues immediately; there is no procrastinating or trying to shift blame. Phone us with any issues and we’ll be there within 24 hours to come and make sure everything is fixed to your satisfaction .


  • We work on trust with our clients and our confidence in our great work . Any job we do require an upfront Once we have installed and you are 100{3e433ec69c7eb40891aa3d4e779d4ee2e3475f7d45059d3b4831b4a547fedbce} pleased with the work, then we can immediately arrange for the balance to be paid by cash or bank transfer.


  • We’re open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week for Company owner is always available for a call at anytime you desire so feel free to give him a call and discuss your new stylish home improvements.